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  Trophy:  Anything serving as a token or evidence of a victory,
 valor, or skill. A carved, painted or other representation
 of objects associated with or symbolical of victory or

Trophies start with a base of solid wood, prowood, plastic or marble. The size of the base is determined by the size in inches of the trophy. A single hole base is used mainly for individual trophies for team or group members and a 36”+ trophy as could be used for a sponsor of the event may need a 4 hole heavy
weight base just to anchor the size.    

Trophy parts consist of metal or wood columns, metal or plastic figures, and decorative toppings (i.e. eagles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., victory figures). Color combinations can be used in the metals or wood trimmed accents.  A two or three line engraved plate is included. 

Steps to Start:

1. Contact us.
2. Set up an avenue of relaying all information needed to help create what you want.
    This could be from face to face, email, conferencing on the phone to snail mail.
3. We will take it from there and answer any questions you may have for changing or
    updating an old logo to inventing a new logo or designing exactly what will
    convey your message.

Let us help you with your ideas and we can be sure to incorporate all the information including your budget to fulfill you needs and present an exceptional product.

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