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   Plaques:    A board enhanced with metal used to commemorate
   an accomplishment, recognize an achievement, or 
   say ‘thank you’ for a job well done.

All shapes and sizes are available in three main types of plaques:
1. Solid Walnut is the traditional board. It is elegant and pricey
    but well worth it for the award it acknowledges.
2. Walnut veneer is a composite board with a thin layer of 
    walnut which gives the look of solid walnut at a lesser price.
3. Prowood is a vinyl wrapped pressed wood board that comes in
    simulated walnut and various other colors. It is an economical
    substitute for solid and veneer walnut and considered a
    standard in the industry.

Plaque Enhancements:

Basic Plaque Makeup: Choice of board, a colored engravable plate that
shows through in gold or silver, a colored back plate may be used to enhance
the lettering or color combination of a logo (i.e. school colors), and decorative
corner trims, brass nails and/or screws.

Company or Organization logo:  may be added to any plaque by computerized engraving,
screen printing or sublimation. Additional highlights are available and we can help you, and suggest ideas to make the finished look worth the award it represents.

Mylar Discs:  are used to identify the subject of the award (i.e. sporting
event, organization represented, or competition placing). The discs are
mounted in a decorative holder that adds to the perceived value in an
economical way.

Plexiglas: is used to protect and identify a certificate or a picture. An engraved plate
may be added or the actual plexiglas can be printed. It can be used in conjunction with
the colored metal for engraving.

Steps to Start:

1. Contact us.
2. Set up an avenue of relaying all information needed to help create what you want.
   This could be from face to face, email, conferencing on the phone to snail mail.
3. We will take it from there and answer any questions you may have for changing 
    or updating an old logo to inventing a new logo or designing exactly what will
    convey your message.

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